Argonne Theory & Science Building Technology

Argonne Theory & Science Building

Client Turner Construction Company
Completion Date 2022
Location Illinois
Completed by Huen Illinois

Huen Illinois performed the electrical installation of the Argonne Theory & Science Building project, beginning in 2017 when it was a 25,000-square-foot addition to a 15MW data center. Since then, the project has grown to 90,000 square feet and 80MW of power. The purpose of the addition will be to house a new supercomputer named Aurora. This will be the fastest supercomputer in the world in 2022.

To earn/keep that title, the computer keeps evolving with the most up-to-date technology throughout the project. These changes typically impact the building, and we have seen consistent design changes at each step of the process. Aurora will be an Exascale computer capable of an astounding 1018, or one quintillion, operations per second, and will be the first computer in the world to achieve this level of operation. We installed a new 15,000 metal-clad gear lineup, 12 double-ended substations, two new 1,500kW UPS, three 750kW UPS units, and over half a mile of busway.