Florence Solar Clean Energy

Florence Solar

Client Pro-Tech Energy Solutions LLC
Completion Date 2021
Location Florence, New Jersey
Completed by Huen New Jersey

Huen New Jersey performed the electrical installation for this turn-key photovoltaic installation at the Florence landfill in New Jersey, which encompassed 29 acres and required the importation of 2,700 cubic yards of compacted fill, remediation of the existing drainage, and restoration of off-cap areas. The scope of this project included both Huen’s electrical and civil divisions. These crews worked in unison to complete their respective scopes of work within an expedited seven-week project schedule. Huen installed 1,600 ballasts to support the solar flex rack system. The system size is 7.4 MWdc utilizing 40 string inverters, 16,256 (450w) modules, and interconnecting to utility power at 13.2kV.