GHS Planet Fitness Prefabrication

GHS Planet Fitness

Client GHS of North America
Completion Date Ongoing
Location East Syracuse, New York
Completed by Huen New York

In the ongoing partnership with GHS of North America, Huen New York facilitates the production of “plug & play” power and communication raceway systems for gym equipment at our prefabrication shop in East Syracuse, New York. Once created, the systems are then shipped to Planet Fitness locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Panama.

This raceway system consists of a 16-gauge, 6-inch x 6-inch horizontal raceway with removable covers for easy access. All components are powder-coated finished and all receptacles are PlugTail©, 20-amp, commercial-grade tamper resistant. The system includes a low-voltage divider in the raceway for the separation of power and communication cabling.

The system is flexible, allowing for any configuration, and can be modified for custom installations. The raceway system includes pre-assembled #12 THHN (600-volt) conductors and components for easy plug-in application and replacement (no downtime) and pre-assembled/tested RG6 TV cable and Cat6 harnesses for TV applications.

These raceway systems are also equipped with cable homerun boxes, which have the bottom removed for easy installation over conduit stub-ups. The system’s horizontal components can be fastened to the floor with PASLODE-style pins or Tapcon© concrete screws. Also, this system manufactured by Huen meets the National Electrical Code (NEC) and is system-certified in the U.S. and Canada.