New Jersey Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Clean Energy

Future Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Client Future Energy
Completion Date 2022
Location New Jersey
Completed by Huen New Jersey

Huen Electric was contracted to install electric vehicle charging stations at several car dealerships throughout New Jersey. In Springfield, New Jersey, our crews installed four wall-mount 11.5 KW chargers along with one 180KW stand-alone charger for the CDJR inventory.  A new service won’t be required at this facility as the existing infrastructure can accommodate the new chargers.

Electrical installation for Princeton CDJR included a new 13.2KV utility service for a complete installation of 11.5 wall mount and 180KW stand-alone chargers for the CDJR inventory. Both Huen civil and electrical will work to install the new service and pad-mounted equipment.

Electrical installation for  Teterboro CJDR included new utility service with the complete installation of sub-panels, transformers, and stand-alone dual ports and express chargers in conjunction with the civil department for all underground and concrete pad work.